We are authorized to sell all spare parts for machines manufactured and marketed by TELCON including hydraulic and mechanical cranes. Genuine spares are available in all our branches and also at our head office.


Telcon products have always been a class apart. The genuine hydraulic filters are no exception. Hydraulic power circuits need protection from damaging contamination. As the sophistication of hydraulic system increase, the need for reliable filtration becomes even more critical.

The hydraulic systems designed for Telcon equipment are dynamic and sophisticated. That’s why the filter put into Telcon equipment does make a major difference to the working of the equipment. Only Telcon filters provide consistent performance and maximize value for money.

Genuine Telcon hydraulic filters have the following advantage:

  • Metal end caps to prevent leakage.
  • The superior quality filtration medium provides proper air flow and results in maximum protection and performance.
  • The strong outer shell holds its shape under pressure. An excellent filter media provides longer component life and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Genuine Telcon filters have minimal leakage and end ensuring gaskets seal tightly.
  • Only superior quality filtration mediums are used ensuring high filtration efficiency.
  • Telcon filters are built strong and designed to hold their shape, even in high-pressure situations.

Ground engaging tools

Ground engaging Tools (GET) make up a large part of a machine operating cost. They are also an important factor to determine how well the machine performs in a specific application. The best way to boost production, reduce operation costs and increases return on investment is to use tough GETs.

Telcon provides smart solutions for tooth points and adapters which are machine matched as well as application matched. Using non-Telcon dull teeth on bucket reduce penetration pressure by half or more, thereby increasing cycle time and lowering production.

What makes Telcon tooth point and adapters different?:

  • Smooth contour design to provide maximum penetration and fatigue resistance.
  • High strength, heat treated, alloy steel material for high impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Greater system strength.
  • Low cost to life ratio.
  • Safe and easier change-outs.
All Telcon products are developed using an extensive amount of research and no stone is left unturned in churning out quality products. It is this commitment to quality that shines through in every Telcon equipment. So that our valued customers are provided with the very best.

Hydraulic pumps and motors

The heart of the hydraulic system, their well being ensures maximum productivity of the machine. If you are looking for a pump, Telcon has a mixed basket - get a new one, exchange your old one for a new one or repair the old one with brand new parts. These are built, refurbished and tested to original standards. All these aggregates are backed by Telcon 's warranty.

Pins and Bushes

Used at joints where there are rotational movements, pins and bushes are subjected to tremendous abuse and wear. Therefore they are made of special alloy steels and manufactured to a hardness that ensures they last longer. Telcon pins and bushes are priced competitively.

Transmission and transmission tools

The most modern of the machines are used in the manufacture of transmission components, all of which are manufactured in-house. Made out of forged chrome alloy steel, gear cutting is done on CNC machines, after which they are heat-treated. They are assembled in a dust-free environment. Pump transmission has a single level planetary reduction system, while swing and travel mechanisms have multi-stage reduction.

Undercarriage parts

Undercarriage parts fitted on Telcon excavators and Cranes are made to Telcon specifications.